It was on seeing Bent Stiansen on TV, winning the Bocuse d’Or in 1993, that Geir decided that his day would also come. He trained in the best Norwegian restaurants with his country’s very best chefs. As a member of the national team, he also won team victories; an experience that would serve him well […]


Jonas remembers his first gastronomic sensation perfectly well. “It was in Norrland, in the north of Sweden. I ate blueberries, fresh-picked in the woods, and served with homemade vanilla ice-cream”. He loves products from his own country but is more than happy to work abroad to benefit from contact with other cultures: The French Laundry […]

Philippe MILLE

Philippe’s first gastronomic emotion was the pot-au-feu that his grandmother made every Sunday: “I’ll always remember those smells that bewitched me when I entered the kitchen”. After training at the hotel school in Le Mans when he was 15 years old, Philippe started at the Aubergade in Pontchartrain, and meeting Jean Bordier there was a […]