Born September 15 1984 Viktor Andrésson is the second Icelander to climb the podium. His biography reflects the career path of a chef who was determined to make it: two participations in Bocuse d’Or, in 2005 as a second commis in the team and in 2009 as the direct commis of the candidate in the […]


Born October 14 1983 A native of Meadville, Pennsylvania, Mathew Peters started cooking as a teenager, in his family… Watching the TV programme “Great Chefs of the World”, something clicked in him: this was going to be his profession.   At the age of 19, he entered the Cordon Bleu school in Pittsburgh, where he […]

Christopher William DAVIDSEN

Born August 28 1983 A native of Stavanger, the Norwegian city famous for its Gastronomisk Institut, Christopher Davidsen has lived in Trondheim since 2015 and had very good reasons for setting up there: his engineer wife, Siri, his two daughters Hedda and Amalia, and the four establishments he is in charge of: Søstrene Karlsen (bar […]