Davy Tissot comes from a family of immigrants and grew up in the Les Minguettes neighbourhood of Lyon, alongside his grandmother, uncles and aunts. “My grandmother was Sicilian and she would get up at 4 am to give her dishes time to slow-cook. Our whole apartment building could smell them, and everything was shared, even […]


When he was a child, cooking was not a priority in Ronni’s household, far from it in fact. He still jokes about it with his sister and parents who have since made great progress. From the age of 10, Ronni started to cook at home, happy to be improving on the ordinary. He particularly loved […]

Christian André PETTERSEN

Born July 21 1989 He was born in the town of Bodø, north of the polar Arctic circle: the Far North. And that’s the theme he developed for the Bocuse d’Or. His childhood was immersed in the flavours of the ultra-fresh fish pâtés prepared by his father, a cook, and fried in butter. Alongside these […]