Kristian Curtis

Already elected Young Chef of the Year in 2011, and finalist for the Craft Guild Chef of the Year 2012, Kristian Curtis completed his list of achievements in 2013 as assistant to Adam Bennet, chef of the famous Simpsons restaurant in Bimingham where he worked several years.
He had been working in the world of fine dining for 12 years when the owner of a major business group in the Midlands, De Banke Group, offered him the opportunity to join the company’s kitchens to serve the restaurant staff gourmet meals! Faced with this opportunity to cook in complete freedom “in a playground for chefs” he does not hesitate for a moment, especially since his new functions also allow him to be more present with his family.
In this context he also organizes pop-up meals which allow external guests to taste his modern British cuisine.
This experience is certainly a taste of the restaurant he dreams of opening one day… Stay tuned!

Photo credit: The Table


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