Feed the kids ENJOY YOUR VEGETABLE: Cold pumpkin broth, cucumber stuffed with pumpkin & parsley. Whipped oat cream with horseradish & peas marinated with smoked oil. CRISPY PUMPKIN “HALLOWEEN”: Pan fried egg with mushrooms, onions, pickled pumpkin, lemon thyme & creamy egg yolk. Sauce with aged Hungarian cheese, pumpkin & pumpkin oil. AN APPLE A DAY KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY: Yoghurt mousse with liquid pumpkin, vanilla, apple & raspberry. Pumpkin cake. Crunchy “soil” surprise with chocolate, hazelnuts & lemon verbena


Bence Dalnoki was born to be a chef, but he didn’t know it until high school, after attending a seminar entitled “Introduction to hospitality”. On obtaining his high school diploma, he applied to the Taverna Hospitality and Tourist School, and went on to begin his apprenticeship at Fausto’s Ristorante in Budapest. There he met Frigyes […]