Slices of banana and passion fruit juice mousse

  For 6-8 people   Ice cream 10 g glucose syrup 20 g powdered milk 250 g sour cream 30 ml lemon juice 50 g sugar   Banana mousse 200 g almond shortcrust pastry 5 bananas (of equal size) 300 g cream 130 g sugar Juice of 1 lemon 3 T banana liqueur 5 softened […]

Caramelised raspberries, flowers and meringue with thyme

  For 4 people   80 g water 100 g sugar 120 g egg whites ½ sprig of thyme 20 large raspberries 5 g icing sugar A little good quality crème fraîche Nice assortment of edible flowers   Start by preparing the meringue. Heat the water with the sugar until it reaches a temperature of […]

Guanaja and raspberry chocolate cake with Penja pepper

  Sponge (like a barely cooked mousse) 125 g Guanaja chocolate 50 g sugar 30 g pastry flour   A pinch of bicarbonate of soda 125 g softened butter 4 egg yolks 4 beaten egg whites   Ganache 230 g Valrhona 70% 250 g double cream 60 g softened butter   Pastry cream 8 egg […]

Pears with cranberries

2 kg pears (Conference pears work well) 1.5 l cranberries 5 dl water 1.2 l sugar 2 cinnamon sticks   Peel the pears. Empty out the central part (pips) from the base of the pear using a melon spoon. Boil the cranberries, water, sugar and cinnamon in a large pot or large saucepan. Place the […]

Lavender and Valrhona Guanaja chocolate gourmet selection

Serves 10 Lavender crème brûlée 250 g milk 750 g cream 50 g sugar 100 g lavender honey 1 vanilla pod 1 pinch of salt 10 egg yolks 2 sprigs of lavender   Bring the milk, cream, sugar, honey, vanilla and salt to the boil, adding the sprigs of lavender. Mix with the egg yolks […]

Chocolate dessert Valrhona

  For 10 people   Panna cotta 1 orange 500 ml cream 1/2 vanilla pod 50 g sugar 4 gelatine sheets   Truffles 50 ml cream 10 g butter 50 g praline paste 50 g full-fat milk chocolate 5 ml pear alcohol 30 g dark cocoa powder   Cake 2 whole eggs 2 egg yolks […]

Granny Smith apples in vanilla jelly, puffed potatoes rolled in sugar

Ingredients for 10 servings   Vanilla panna cotta 500 g cream 70 g caster sugar 2 sheets of gelatine 2 vanilla pods Apple cubes 500 g finely diced Granny Smiths (5 apples) 500 g finely diced Golden Delicious (5 apples) 25 g ascorbic acid 2 ½ vanilla pods Granny Smith – lemon grass coulis 6 […]