Mathias grew up on the family farm in the north of Sweden. He has always loved the atmosphere of the kitchen, helping his mother and grandmother to do simple chores. This was how he learned the taste that bread and butter should have, a lesson he has never forgotten. He studied at the hotel school […]


Everyone who frequents the Bocuse d’Or knows Roland Debuyst and his wife Ayse for their joyful and tireless commitment alongside Belgian candidates. To meet them in their own country, you have to go to Nossegem, in the suburbs of Brussels, where he works in the kitchen while she greets customers. After training at Ceria and […]


When Odd Ivar Solvold climbed the podium in 1997 to receive the Bocuse de Bronze, it was by no means his first victory in a culinary competition. Since 1988, he had put in a string of award-winning performances; the Silver Medal at the World Young Chef Championships, and the Best Chef of Norway competition, which […]