François ADAMSKI

François Adamski comes from the north of France and he loves his region. He learned his trade at the hotel school in Le Touquet before conquering Paris, where he did his military service at the Hôtel Matignon as chef to the Prime Minister. He then went to the Plaza Athénée, the Ritz, Maison Prunier, the […]


Henrik felt greatly honoured to be chosen to represent Sweden in the 2001 Bocuse d’Or and he put his heart and soul into winning the Bocuse d’Argent, which he says” shone as warmly in my eyes as the Bocuse d’Or, as I was so happy to participate in this competition!” He also considers winning the […]


His rise to the third step of the Bocuse d’Or podium came as a surprise to some! How could this windswept island at the northern tip of Europe, in the middle of the Atlantic, produce such excellent chefs? That’s forgetting that Hákon Már Örvarsson, a chef fuelled by passion for his trade and trained at […]