Ørjan presented his country with another medal in 2015. That victory at the Bocuse d’Or had nothing to do with luck: it was the outcome of sheer persistence. Since 2007, Ørjan has been working, training, and competing alongside the man Norwegian chefs view as the best coach of all: Odd Ivar Solvold. From 2008, he took part […]


Philip was the very first person to put the USA on the Bocuse d’Or podium. That victory might have made him happy, but it didn’t make him lose his head. There is so much room for other things in his life, and he is constantly striving to satisfy his insatiable curiosity; always learning, always open-minded, […]


Tommy Myllymäki undeniably belongs to the young generation of Swedish chefs who have travelled and experienced various culinary traditions but are eager to develop Nordic cuisine, which is increasingly rooted in its environment: simple, direct and self-evident, highlighting vegetables and nature. His grandmother Kerttu’s cooking inspired his passion for his future profession and rooted him […]