Pumpkin Nordic “Ceviche” with sea buckthorn & Espelette, roasted cabbage bouillon & marinated cabbage, cilantro & ginger. Soft crystal tartelette made of Swedish vinegar “ättika”. The milk skin egg, filled with baked egg & horseradish emulsion. Crispy pumpkin ring stuffed with chantarelles and caramelized onion & topped with browned butter cèpe foam served with a beurre blanc flavored with star anise, funnel chantarelle and vinegar. Pumpkin spice cake served warm with my childhood memories, caramel apples & pumpkin compote, passionfruit gel and vanilla ice cream.


What characterizes Jimmi the most is his open mind, constantly active. Born in Stockholm, he still lives there today, but after having moved around a lot. After training as a chef in a hotel high school, he worked in Austria, Italy, the Caribbean, England… He also worked at the Lilla Ego restaurant in Stockholm. He […]

Norwegian Winter Traditions Charred monkfish on the bone glazed in brown butter and black tea. Hardanger fjord apple ice wine and warm spices Winter radish flavored with lemon, fresh herbs and pepper kosho Beetroot “skin, Brussels sprouts, blackcurrant and horseradish “Jus de rôti” : St. Jacques, foie gras and Vin Jaune Norwegian Coast Traditions White asparagus casserole with sour cream and mussels Kale gnocchi, preserved legumes and barley. Crispy bread & mussel crouton. Garden sprouts

Feed the kids PUMKIN WONDERLAND JOYFUL GARDEN Pumpkin “skin” filled with peas, apricot and lemon verbena Butternut squash freshly cooked in yellow spices Chilled pea and citrus consommé flavored with aromatic oil and green pepper THE GOLDEN EGG Pumpkin cylinders poached in brown butter and wild garlic Chawanmushi: Seasonal sprouts emulsion and crispy sourdough crumbs “Peaso” Butter sauce with pea miso and sour cream WINTER IN WONDERLAND Nyr: Norwegian cream cheese filled with pumpkin fudge, croquant and popping candy Green frost crispy branches. Lemonade: clear sea buckthorn and quince

Feed the kids ENJOY YOUR VEGETABLE: Cold pumpkin broth, cucumber stuffed with pumpkin & parsley. Whipped oat cream with horseradish & peas marinated with smoked oil. CRISPY PUMPKIN “HALLOWEEN”: Pan fried egg with mushrooms, onions, pickled pumpkin, lemon thyme & creamy egg yolk. Sauce with aged Hungarian cheese, pumpkin & pumpkin oil. AN APPLE A DAY KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY: Yoghurt mousse with liquid pumpkin, vanilla, apple & raspberry. Pumpkin cake. Crunchy “soil” surprise with chocolate, hazelnuts & lemon verbena