Living abroad for several years soon taught Thibault how lucky he was to be in France! With its excellent quality products drawing from a wide variety of regions, not to mention the French gastronomic culture and meal ritual that brings together family and friends day after day to communicate around the sheer pleasure of eating. […]


Born one January 1st, maybe that special entry into life gave Jeppe the energy that’s so palpable when you talk to him. And his mother doubtless played a role too. She was a cook in retirement homes and was quick to immerse him in the pleasures of steaming, aromatic saucepans. As a child he could […]

Noriyuki HAMADA

Let there be no doubt, Noriyuki Hamada has personality! He approaches life head-on, fully aware of what it can offer him if he puts the effort in. He didn’t just adopt his haircut from the Samurai, but also one of their key precepts: tenacity. A tireless, self-taught worker, he essentially approaches cooking as a means […]