Bouillabaisse with duck foie gras

For 4 people

4 slices of duck foie gras

4 potatoes

1 T candied shallots

1 g saffron pistils

1 dash olive oil

1 knob of butter

12 Bouchot mussels

Onions, small amount

White wine, small amount

12 cockles

12 clams

12 razor shells

Candied ginger

Candied lemon zest

Desalted dulse (seaweed)

1 l fish soup

2 T rouille sauce

4 slices melba country bread

25 cm translucent cooking paper (Carta Fata) and 1 clip

Fry the duck foie gras.

Mash the ratte potatoes, then add the candied shallots, the saffron pistil, a dash of olive oil and a knob of butter.

Cook the mussels with the onions and white wine. Remove shells. Do the same thing for the cockles and clams; not for the razors which will be cooked directly in the Carta Fata foil.

Take the sheet of Carta Fata, and put on it: razors, mussels, cockles, clams, ginger, lemon, dulse and finally the fish soup. Close up.

Leave to swell up on a plancha at 200°C maximum.

In a soup bowl, arrange the saffron mashed potato, a dash of rouille, along with the melba bread and duck foie gras. Open up in front of guests, and serve.

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