Roasted Patagonian toothfish with carrot jus, peas and celeriac with a hint of ginger

Ingredients for 4 servings


  • Three powders
  • 50 g carrot
  • 50 g Briard bread
  • 20 g chives
  • Powdered ginger
  • Carrot Jus
  • Bones from the Patagonian toothfish
  • 100 ml olive oil
  • 10 g butter
  • 1 onion
  • 3 carrots
  • 250 ml sherry vinegar
  • 5 litres carrot juice
  • Celeriac avioli
  • 100 g onions
  • ½ lettuce
  • 2.5 kg peas
  • 2 litres white stock
  • 1 celeriac
  • 10 g butter
  • Ragout of peas
  • 40 g peas
  • 10 g Ibaïona ham
  • 5 g baby leeks
  • 1 lettuce leaf
  • 300 ml white stock
  • Salad
  • 3 leaves of romaine
  • Patagonian toothfish
  • 600 g Patagonian toothfish


Three powders

Grate the carrots and spread them on a non-stick baking sheet. Dry in a very slow oven at 60 °C for eight hours. Place in a food processor with a very sharp blade to cut without crushing; sieve to remove the fine powder. Add 20 g powdered ginger to each 100 g of carrot flakes. Keep in a dry place. Cut the Briard bread into thin slices, place them on a baking sheet, dry out in the oven for six hours at 60 °C and then chop with a knife. Keep in a dry place. Chop the chives.


Carrot jus

Lightly brown the chopped fish bones in the olive oil. Add the chopped vegetables, caramelize on a low heat and then deglaze with the sherry vinegar. Reduce by 3/4, add the carrot juice, continue to reduce for one hour. Press through a very fine sieve. Reduce to a syrupy consistency; finish with a little olive oil and butter to obtain a coating consistency. Take one quarter of this mixture and use in a pipette for the assembly. Save the rest to cook the fish.


Celery ravioli

Sweat the finely chopped onions without colouring them, add the lettuce cut into strips. Sweat, add the peas, continue to sweat. Add white stock to cover, cook quickly until the peas are very soft and the liquid has reduced by two-thirds. Pour into the bowl of a Thermomix, process to obtain a completely smooth mixture. Press through a very fine sieve.


Cut the celeriac on a slicer set at 1 mm and then use a cutter to make 6 cm diameter discs. Vacuum pack with some salt and white stock. Cook in a steam oven at 95 °C for seven minutes. Lay out the cooked celeriac discs and place a little of the pea purée in the centre. Place another disc over the top, flattening the edges to remove any air. Reheat in a steam oven on a rack on a tray and coat with melted butter before serving. Allow three per person.


Ragout of peas

Shell the peas, blanch them and remove the skin. Sweat the sliced baby leeks without colouring them, add the finely diced ham. Cook the ham and then add the sliced lettuce and peeled peas. Continue to sweat, add the white stock, whisk in olive oil and butter so that the garnish is well coated.




Cut the leaves into a shell shape with the rib in the middle. Just before serving, season with salt and freshly ground pepper and a dash of olive oil.


Patagonian toothfish

Cut the fillet into 6 cm squares with a thickness of 2 cm. Cook “à la plancha” on both sides to obtain a deep gold colour. Finish cooking in shallow saucepan in the carrot jus, basting regularly, allowing the jus to reduce slightly and caramelize with the fish.



Serve in large soup plates with wide rims. Pour in the ragout of peas, place the fish on top, sprinkle with the crispy Briard bread crumbs, chopped chives and the carrot-ginger powder. Place three celeriac ravioli on the side. Make swirling zigzag lines with the carrot jus. Decorate with the salad shells.

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